Graphic by Christy Knudson

Shein is a fast fashion company known for their trendy designs and shocking low prices compared to other worldwide retailers. Everything from accessories, swimwear, shoes, and clothes; prices range from one to forty three dollars. You could conveniently get yourself a new wardrobe without breaking the bank. That being said, because Shein is a fast fashion company, causing the prices to be low, the quality is not the best. I placed an order off of shein and when the items arrived some of the shirts appeared different in person than on the website, the material used was quite janky, white shirts were practically see through and even though everything was a small size it varied in size and measurements. To my surprise, the swimwear was a big hit. Normally with swimsuits you pay an obnoxious amount to only wear them for a season or so. Most of the swimsuits range from ten to twenty dollars for a set which is not that bad, the quality is standard swimsuit material. The swimsuits are not going to fall off and most of the tops come with removable pads so you can switch it up if you want. Most of the styles are very trendy and can buy them as individual pieces, a set, or you can get a one piece. Sizing is limited to three options: small, medium and large. This could cause some problems if you are inbetween sizes or they do not carry a size that is suitable for you or can cause uncertainty if you don’t know what size to order. I found that the swimsuits that tied at the sides were easier to buy because I can adjust the waist size to fit me no matter what size I ordered and the styles I ordered that did not tie at the sides, that were a fixed length did fit a little tighter or I just did not like the style. Shein is “an international B2C fast fashion company” and claims to support ethical fashion but is still considered “fast fashion” so make sure to be conscious of the environment when purchasing from this site. Most of the products are hit or miss, but they do offer returns on most items.