Graphic by Madison Laxamana

With limited things to do at home during this quarantine, many people have been leaning more towards working out at home. Many athletes, trainers, and just even regular people who workout usually, need to stay in shape. The issue that a lot of people have absolutely no idea what kind of workouts to do without workout equipment. Being that I have always been big on being able to workout no matter where I’m at or what the circumstances are, I am able to provide two different examples of workouts you can do at home, and no equipment is needed.

Workout #1

  1. 100 push-ups
  2. 100 sit-ups or crunches
  3. 100 squats
  4. 100 burpees
  5. 5 sets of 45second wall sits
  6. 100 calf raises
  7. 5 sets of 15 flutter kicks

Workout #2

  1. 5 sets of 1minute planks
  2. 5 sets of 20toe taps (for core)
  3. 5 sets of 30 russian twists
  4. 25 regular push-ups
  5. 25 diamond push-ups
  6. 25 military push-ups
  7. 25 wide push-ups
  8. 5 sets of 20 leg raises (for core)
  9. 50 reps of 10second high knees into burpee

These are just simple, but effective workouts if you do these consistently. Word of advice, if you are going to workout at home to stay in shape, make sure you eat the right foods or you will get no results and the workouts will just be a waste of time.