Magazine News Sport Volume 69, Issue 8

What Sports Fans Have Been Doing

by Brian Gewecke

Graphic by Susan Rahimi

Over the quarantine, students have been given large amounts of extra free time, and haven’t been able to go out and do things to pass it. Luckily, they still have access to many entertainment sources that likely played a large role before the quarantine, such as music, video games, and whatever movie and show platform they use. However, for many, quarantine has left a large hole in one’s source of entertainment: sports.

While some major sports leagues, such as the NFL, are currently in their offseason and aren’t affected much by the outbreak, other leagues like the NBA have been stopped in their tracks by the virus. For such leagues, much is at stake in not just the rest of this year, but the yearly schedule every year from now on. The offseason can’t begin until the postseason is completed, and if that has to be pushed back, the yearly schedule may begin months later than it previously was. On top of that, fans are left in a complete state of boredom, as interest in the current season is shrinking, but it is too early to begin focusing on the Draft and Free Agency, the highlights of the offseason. The draft is the highlight of the year for non-playoff teams, as they have the opportunity to bring in a young new player who could potentially become the face of the franchise. Free agency, though different, brings the same level of excitement, as the league’s top stars either commit to longer terms with their current teams, or decide to try a change of scenery with a new team. The uncertainty of the short-term future of all sports leagues leaves sports fans in an uncomfortable sense of confusion.

Many sports fans, such as Junior Lucas Lundholm, look to keep informed with the current sport situation. “I’ve just been spending more time learning about them, whether through videos, articles, or other stuff,” he said. One of his favorite sports to watch and play is basketball. With the NBA being shut down near the end of its season, Lucas has been taking an approach similar to that of many fans: looking toward the draft. Even though there is talk of resuming the season, for many it feels over, with a high possibility of launching directly into playoffs. Fans like Lucas have begun familiarizing themselves with the mostly unknown draft class.

“I can’t play with my friends, but I still play basketball with my family at my house,” said Junior Alex Erbez, “And even though I can’t watch new games, I’ve been watching old games on YouTube”. When asked what else he has been doing, he answered, “I haven’t been up to anything new, but I’ve kind of just been spending more time doing things I normally do, like work out and play video games with friends”.

To put it simply, life for sports fans won’t be nearly the same for likely a few months, so if they haven’t already, they need to find ways to keep their sanity. Lucas and Alex have both successfully found ways to pass time while keeping linked with the sport world, a good way to keep occupied. Positive things can still come out of the quarantine. New hobbies can lead to new interests, and working on good habits can bring positive results when things go back to normal.