Graphic by Jackie Veliz

Club sports, specialized teams that allow a person to develop their skills for a higher level while enjoying the sport they love. Most students in both middle school and highschool use these clubs to enhance their abilities in hope they can make a high level team at their own school. Tournaments are played to give the athlete a chance to face competition you wouldn’t see throughout your school seasons, providing them the opportunity to shine whether it be club volleyball, basketball, baseball, swimming, lacrosse, or soccer. 

Sadly, the club seasons were thrown into jeopardy as soon as COVID-19 hit the US. Sudden shelter in place orders were issued, postponing seasons for the NBA, XFL, MLB, NHL, and many others. Included in that bunch were high school sports and clubs, many of which students turn to for a hobby. Freshman Chloe Stemmerich, who plays club volleyball at Bay Area Volleyball Club, remarks the situation, “I’m very sad that I won’t be able to play most of my club season this year because I was really excited to play on a team with so much skill and determination…I’m training everyday by working on my setting techniques, working out, and getting my head mentally….” Stemmerich is one of 460,000 student athletes who’ve lost their seasons due to COVID-19, who are all now stuck at home with degenerating hope for their lost year. 

Jonah Simkin England, a freshman as Las Lomas, lost his season the day of the shelter in place order, stating, “The coach told us that sports had been cancelled….we were all disappointed and annoyed about [baseball] being taken…since then I’ve been taking batting practice at my house and play catch with my dad…” 

Throughout the quarantine, it has come to many to think of what athletes might do with their season gone. Some partake in online video chats with their teams to stay connected, others training to ensure they will still have a spot on next year’s roster. Many famous sports stars like Venus Williams, a professional tennis player, is hosting her own workouts at home for thousands to partake in. Wherever this pandemic takes us and regardless of how long it stay, this will not kill the spirit within these athletes that this will get better and that hard work will pay off in the long run.