Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

What are Students’ Schedules Looking Like in S-I-P?

by Stella Chapital

Graphic by Cael Hill

The sudden change from physical to online school was rough, and adjusting to a new schedule is one of the hardest things for a lot of people. After more than six months of a consistent day-to-day agenda, a change can be very difficult for people who have found their balance and motivation in everyday consistency. 

Balance and motivation are two essential characteristics for creating an efficient and effective at-home schedule. There’s a lot of fear right now which disrupts both balance and motivation. So, being surrounded by a constant flow of bad news and having to stay in our homes can drastically throw someone off the stability they had worked for.  

Sophomore Lindsey Portier said, “Having a solid schedule helps me get work done, and I always make sure I have sufficient breaks throughout the day and try to keep it consistent.” When it comes to life with less structure, many people struggle with finding consistency in their work, sleep schedule, exercise, and many other things. Consistency is a significant factor when it comes to at-home work.    

Sophomore Zoe Scherrer said, “My schedule has changed a lot. For one, I’ve been waking up way later (like 1 pm later). Then I basically sit at my desk all day, half doing school work, half online shopping. I feel like everything takes three times longer to do since it’s so easy to procrastinate, I’m spending a lot more time doing meaningless things.” Procrastination is a huge factor when it comes to working from home. Distractions and free time are amped up and focusing on small tasks can seem impossible. 

It’s hard to keep from getting distracted, so having a private space where closing the door is an option is important. This could make the difference between finishing an assignment in thirty minutes or three hours.

Another thing, which Zoe briefly mentioned, is the inconsistency in many students’ sleep schedules. With little to no structure, it can be hard to go to bed before 12, and impossible to wake up early. Sophomore Katherine Chi said “My sleeping schedule is not good. I like being able to wake up at any time I want. My daily schedule varies every day, but I miss seeing my friends at school every day.” This has caused many to adapt to a schedule of falling asleep late, waking late, and not getting the sufficient amount of sleep that they need.
The transition has been incredibly difficult, but some students have found their footing and have a solid schedule with breaks and snacks. Sophomore Molly Howard said, “Over the past two weeks I have begun to make a schedule for myself that I try to follow every day. My goal is to always wake up by 8:30 and make myself breakfast. I also try to get right into my homework after I finish breakfast so that I can try to finish it as soon as possible. The rest of the day I either try to be productive or just have a lazy day.”