Magazine News Sport Volume 69, Issue 8

How are LL Sports Finishing the Season?

By Stella Chapital

Graphic by Zakai Avidor

Las Lomas sports are a huge part of the school’s community, and having Shelter-In-Place enacted at the end of the winter season and at the beginning of spring took away many “lasts” for seniors. And many opportunities for Sophomores and Juniors looking to further their career have gone down the drain. After years of hard work for students who are committed, senior year could have been a year to pass down knowledge, bond with their teammates, and really make the best out of their last season. But unfortunately, they weren’t really given the chance. 

Some winter sports had completely finished their season, had awards night, senior night, and officially wrapped up the season. But others didn’t quite get all they deserved. Senior Basketball player, Niko Kieffer said, “We did get to finish the basketball season. We lost to Alameda in the quarterfinals of NCS, but we did not have an end of season banquet.”

Then for other sports, the loss wasn’t as great because of the lack of seniors, but a possible season of experience and success was nonetheless taken away. Junior Mia Hansen said, “I’m not too sad because I still have my senior year to play and with no seniors on the team this year, we won’t be losing anyone. But I definitely feel for the seniors in other sports as it’s a tough situation, and overall it’s a bummer that the season ended before it really even started, but I know that in the end, it’s for the greater good.”

The season ending for some particular athletes is more technical, and more about improving/getting as good as they can before the college season rolls around. Senior Josie Carlson, captain of varsity swim, said, “It really sucks having my season cut short. I was feeling really frustrated with my swims earlier this year, so I wanted to use high school season to swim faster and prove to myself that all my hard work will pay off. I guess I’m lucky in a way because I’m already committed to a college, but I’m worried I won’t feel my best in the water when august comes. that along with added stress of moving to a new place scares me, but I know I’ll have so much support. This is definitely going to be really hard for juniors and sophomores who needed this season to show colleges what they’re capable of.” 

Then, of course, there is the fact that some athletes have been looking forward to their Senior year for four years now, and having that taken away could be difficult, especially when in a leadership role in a sport. Senior Lydia Eger, captain of Women’s Varsity Lacrosse, said,  “I’m really really sad. For me, the hardest part of losing such a big chunk of senior year is that I won’t get to have my final season playing high school lacrosse. It also all happened so fast so I never got a chance to appreciate my last game or say bye to my teammates. I didn’t know (Bishop) Odowd was my last game until it was over. I also was just so excited for the team this year there was such a good attitude and chemistry with all the new girls I was really excited to see how far we would go.”

So although many experiences and opportunities have been lost, it’s important to look at it from a positive perspective, and know that the shelter-in-place order is keeping many people from contracting the virus, and keeping our community safe.