Entertainment Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Is COVID-19 Putting a Halt to the Tech Industry?

Graphic by Christy Knudson

Coronavirus has put many things on hold, ranging from the film industry to transportation and food services. Technology, on the other hand, is still being produced and released. New laptops and computers are being introduced left and right. Some manufacturing for products like the Nintendo Switch and some graphics cards has slowed down, which has led to sky-rocketing prices of the Nintendo Switch. Even though coronavirus has been dominating the news cycle, there are still some things to look forward to.

On the Apple side of the spectrum, WWDC is coming up, and within the next two months, Apple is rumored to be releasing a new MacBook Pro and new Airpods. The AirPods would be somewhere in between the AirPods Pro and the regular AirPods. Apple is also still on track for their regular iPhone refresh in the fall. 5G, the next generation in cellular connectivity, is going to become much bigger in 2020 as well, drastically changing our speeds. In 2019, 5G was in its baby years, but in 2020, it is maturing. All three major carriers now support 5G; there used to be four carriers supporting 5G, but T-Mobile and Sprint have finally merged, which should quicken the pace of how quickly consumers will be able to see benefits from 5G. Next, the Xbox series X and the PS5 are still on track to be released by the holidays. Although, while they are rumored to see an increase in price, they have some crazy specs to go along with them. They will both come with faster storage so your games will load faster and new processors so that everything looks better and runs faster. 

It’s an exciting year for technology as we see new consoles, new products from Apple, and an exciting new generation of mobile communication. Coronavirus has been able to stop many things in their tracks, but technology keeps roaring on.