Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Ms. Fuller’s To-Do’s

Graphic by Savannah West

During Bay Area’s shelter-in-place, a lot of Las Lomas high school students have been lacking things to do. Yes, Zoom meetings do take up a large portion of the day, but what about after school hours? Ms. Fuller, who is in charge of Las Lomas’s College and Career Center, has come up with some stellar ideas to help fill up those boring hours and simultaneously build your future plans. Whether it be college, work, or a gap year, Fuller has something for everyone. 

For those who are taking the ACT/SAT in upcoming months, many websites are offering free test prep. The main site to find this free test prep is Khan Academy  ( Reddit also offers over 70 publically released ACT tests (, and over 40 practice ACT tests ( Along with test prep, there is a UC essay boot camp that is coming up in June which you can sign up for through Fuller (

For Seniors, shelter in place is a great time to do some extra scholarship research, as many from the class of 2020 are being accepted to schools they’ve been applying for. There has been an update to the list of scholarships available ( Due to COVID-19, transcripts are being sent out for free if Fuller is contacted with an address and name. Seniors heading to DVC can reach admissions and welcome services online (, along with registering online and completion of application ( If students are still facing boredom a “corona enrichment activities list” has been published, with over 100 different tasks to help fill up your days ( u/1500709966776/7507519025433228588.pdf), this list ranges from baking to being a virtual UN Volunteer! Speaking of volunteering, in Fullers email she mentions the President’s award which is a ceritficate rewarded to those with anywhere from 25-20 hours of community service, she congratulates those by saying “Congrats to Presidential Service Award & Knights Service Award Recipients. See the list HERE However because of COVID, I am unable to order certificates for you.”

 Along with that, DVC has released their summer academy schedule and applications ( They offer classes in business, English, math, and even cooking! Many classes are also offered online and are a cheaper price due to COVID-19. Stay active, and go Knights!