Magazine News Opinions Volume 69, Issue 8

Are Hair Salons and Other Businesses Essential?

Graphic by Luke Theodossy

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of the word essential is, “absolutely necessary; extremely important.” This is why places, where you can buy food, water, and other human needs, are still open despite the coronavirus lockdown.  Places like grocery stores and hospitals are absolutely necessary for survival. However, it is also important that we keep the non-essential businesses closed to keep the number of infections down to as low as possible. It is dangerous enough having people packed in grocery stores; we don’t need people packed in a hair salon. Many people argue that places like nail and hair salons are essential and should be opened, but after 5 seconds of critical thinking, one can see that these things are purely cosmetic and are not needed for daily life. The fact that many people are willing to risk lives to get their hair nice says a lot about this country.

In fact, many people throughout the country have been protesting for the reopening of the entire economy as a whole. Many of these protestors argue that the economy is needed to be reopened because of the lack of money and the fact their bills are due, but these protestors should be advocating for things like cancellation of rent and mortgage payments and a universal no-questions-asked monthly payment of $2000 to every person in America with $500 for every child. If we had these benefits people would be less stressed about how they are going to pay their bills. The government has passed some has passed relief but it is lackluster, they gave a one-time payment of $1200 for citizens who earned less than $99,000. In order to ensure the well-being of its citizens, the government needs to bring forth more aid during this epidemic.