Entertainment Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

At home shows being watched during rona

by Mateo Requejo-Tejada

With the current pandemic, most forms of entertainment have been moved into homes. This is no different for TV shows that air live and as a result some new movies have gone directly to streaming services or have been released early to provide at home entertainment for families during the pandemic. 

One example of these shows is The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The comedic host moved the tonight show to be filmed from his house. “He includes his family in the show, he makes his own jokes, and it’s like ten times funnier,”  said sophomore Nik Rigisich. Several other TV shows, including  Trevor Noah’s Daily Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live, have moved to the host’s homes because of social distancing, and they all face the challenge of creating content from their homes without the live audience they usually have. Rigisich explained that, “what makes this show entertaining is how [Jimmy Fallon] is able to not only maintain his show, but make it better during the virus.” Shows like these tend to make lots of money due to the high amount of viewers they bring in. Rigisich added that, “the show makes a ton of money obviously, and [Jimmy Fallon] has been donating all of it in light of the coronavirus.” While there have been some shows that have adapted to the new situation, there are other shows that began to come out during the quarantine, increasing streaming options. One of these shows is the now popular, Tiger King on Netflix. Josh Vigil explained that, “The show is about a guy who tries to kill a rival zoo owner [as well as] all the shenanigans they get into.” The first episode of this show was released on the twentieth of March and the last episode came out April 12. There are 8 episodes in total of Tiger King including one special episode. Vigil said, “ It’s not that [the episodes] were super entertaining, it was more of just something new to watch, however it was just interesting because of all the crazy stuff that happened in the show.” Vigil said that the experience of watching the show has been positive because it has been something different to watch, relative to what had been out before.  Continuing to speak of the show, Vigil concluded by saying, “In light of the pandemic, it’s just brought a sense of calm. I’m not really worrying about anything when I watch it.”