Entertainment Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Online Shopping

by Roxy Schneider

Online shopping is probably one of my favorite things to do during this quarantine. However, I am very picky about where I get my clothes from. Here are some of my personal favorite places to shop and my experiences with them. 

First off, everyone seems to be having sales. Almost every site I have gone to shop at has sales. Since people can’t come into the store, store owners are having to get rid of products at a fast rate; this leads to lots of sales. Places like Nordstrom are having up to 60% off while most other places, such as Urban Outfitters, are usually discounting around 20-30%.

Let’s start off with Nordstrom. Personally, this is my favorite place to shop right now. They are having the biggest sale I’ve seen for some really high quality stuff to go with it. Their organization is also great. They have a section just for 60% with mini categories with it so it’s easy for you to find what you want. They are having sales on shoes like Dr.Martin and even some Gucci. I got myself $45 heels that usually cost at $155. What makes Nordstrom even that much better is their delivery. I got my shoes three days after I ordered them with no damages.

Next is Shein. Shein is becoming a huge trend on TikTok right now for the super cheap yet high quality clothing. At first I was a little skeptical; how could a skirt that’s super high quality only be $12? However, I was wrong. I ordered two skirts and I loved them both. The quality of them was great and so was the appearance. I also really liked how Shein has a helpful size guide where it asks you a few questions to help make sure you get the best fit for you. I had very few problems with Shein. One problem that I had was the delivery time. It took me a month to get my skirts. This was due to the fact that Shein is based in China and has to go overseas in order for me to receive my order.

Finally, we have Urban Outfitters. This was my least favorite. Everything that they have on sale are things that aren’t the best; these were definitely their least selling products. The shipping standard took me about two weeks to get my shirts. Be careful what you order may not be the color you actually ordered. I got a white top and when it came in the mail it was a rose and grey color. 

Good luck Shoppers!