Magazine News Opinions Volume 69, Issue 8

Social Distanced Hangouts: Are they Okay?

By Riley Martin

Graphic by Lexy Martinucci

Human connection is an essential activity that keeps all of us going. No matter how little it is, we still need physical connection with others. It is often what we look forward to as teenagers and in many ways is the highlight of our days.

In order to experience that physical connection we do not need to be right next to each other. We can still follow social distancing rules while hanging out because in many ways, no matter how brief, seeing those people can be extremely beneficial to your mental health. If we are maintaining the rules that are put in place and sticking to what is within the safety guidelines it should not be a problem. In some ways it could even be safer than going to a grocery store or something of that sort. 

Sophomore Eliza Loventhal said, “I think it depends on people’s ability to actually social distance, but in theory they should work.” If we maintain the self control of withholding that social distance needed to stay within the rules, then it could be beneficial to the people’s experience. 

Although I believe that social distanced hangouts should be allowed and available to all, I do believe that it should be limited and monitored for everyone that does it. I believe people should be allowed one hangout with a friend every two weeks. In actuality if everyone kept up with the guidelines and rules that apply, everything should be completely fine and it would bring more good than bad. 

“If you are a person that needs your friends around you because maybe home is difficult to stay at then go to a place where there is no one else besides you guys,” Sophomore Jada Monjaras said. “As long as you stay within the rules of it then it’ll be fine.” 

In order to be able to see your friends in person there is a compromise that has to be made. I believe many would sacrifice that six feet in order to see their friends, especially in circumstances where it is hard to stay at home.