Entertainment Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

What Music Students Have Been Listening to

by Brian Gewecke

Graphic by Jackie Veliz

One of the major sources of entertainment students have left is music. Music is a huge part of pop culture, with there being enough variety of music to appeal to any person in the world with any specific taste. Music, unlike movies, shows, sports, and other sources of entertainment, has been continuing to release normally, with great new songs of any genre every day. Students can listen to music while doing homework, working out, playing video games, or just while relaxing. Students can use music to both calm themselves and get themselves  pumped up for a physical or competitive activity. With so many different music genres and artists, some questions come up, such as what types of music students listen to, which artists they prefer, and what they do when listening to the music of their choice.

“I like listening to Bobby Shmurda, L’il Uzi, Skee-Lo, and Beyoncé, to name a few,” said Junior Griffin Hamlin; “I mostly like rap, but it’s not the only type of music I like to listen to.” When asked what he usually does while he listens to music, he responded, “I normally listen to music while doing homework. It helps me focus because I focus less on other stuff I’d rather do.” Many students, like Griffin, enjoy listening to music while doing homework. It can fill one’s mind enough to stop one from wandering off in thought.

Another student that listens to music a lot is Junior Ethan Clymer. “I listen to lots of types of music. I’m not really into one a lot more than the other,” he said. Not only does Ethan have a wide range of what music he listens to, but also what he does while he’s listening to music. “I listen to music while doing homework, playing video games, exercising, and cooking. Probably while doing other things, as well,” he said. These are all common activities that people participate in while listening to music.

Aside from listening to music, students can build playlists and share them with friends, or introduce them to new songs or artists. This is a good way to keep in touch with friends while apart.

For those who have large playlists with many old songs they are tired of listening to, now there is plenty of time to go through these playlists and clean out what they no longer want, or perhaps to start fresh with a new playlist.

Listening to music can be a great way to pass the time during quarantine. One may relax and listen to music or listen to it while completing another task. Listening to music provides the flexibility to multitask in numerous situations. Overall, it is one of the top ways to burn time in quarantine, and has been a large part of many students’ daily schedules. Whichever type of music or artist you prefer, that music is available for you to listen to during quarantine, so take advantage of the opportunity to make the quarantine a little less dull.