Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Meditation Wherever, Whenever

by Nolan Runkle

Graphic by Madison Laxamana

In a day and age where stress dominates each and every aspect of our lives, it gets harder and harder to calm ourselves down and get a clear head. Since we all have our phones to keep us occupied, you can easily use the resources available to you to help manage that stress and help you stay focused. We all see the ads for these services, but here are the most positively reviewed apps I recommend that you use.

Headspace is one of  ESTu major ze apps used by people right now, with over one million users. Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, founded the service. Full of over hundreds of guided meditations in a paid subscription plan; they also have a 10 day guided meditation package. 

7 Cups is another meditation service where you can ask trained listeners or therapists questions anonymously and on your own schedule. This app offers personalized trainers for you to talk to.  It is based on life experiences and emotions, and all for free. 

The meditation app chosen by a few celebrities, PZIZZ, connects with people through the visually appealing app. The layered voice narrations they use are designed to boost somatic awareness, relax muscles, and ease a sporadic heart rate.

An app that is a tad bit different than the others, Mindbody, doesn’t help you meditate through mental workouts, but physical. Exercise classes are sorted by category, and it enables easy access to  nutritionists in your area to track and improve your eating habits.

Similarly to Headspace, Insight Timer is for anyone interested in trying different techniques of practicing wellness and meditation. This relaxation app offers an eclectic mix of methods, whether based on mindfulness or faith-based approaches ranging from Buddhist mindfulness and transcendental meditation and Christian-based approaches. 

The app also has music, meditations of varying times, and a rich selection of teachers, presenters, coaches and scientists, as well as a highly configurable meditation timer. While some of the app’s main features are behind a $9.99 paywall, there are still many options for free.