Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

When in Quarantine, Dye Your Hair

by Katelyn To

Graphic by Jane Wilson

With shelter-in-place orders that will be enforced for over two months, people have resorted to many things to keep themselves busy. Notably, this includes some impulsive decisions involving appearance, such as people cutting their hair, bangs, dying it, or piercing their ears. 

Senior Charlotte Till is one of those people. She cut six inches of her hair off, and explained, “I was bored and I wanted something different. I don’t think I would have decided to do this if not for the quarantine and I definitely wouldn’t have cut it myself [if not in quarantine].” When asked why so many people were doing things such as cutting their own hair, she said, “I think people are making these decisions because…quarantine is prompting people to do things they normally wouldn’t do.” 

Junior Liza Kagan also decided it was time for a change. She said, “I dyed my hair two times already. The first time it was, kind of, closer to [a] purple color, and the second time yesterday I dyed my hair red.” She dyed her hair because “it was kind of boring and I wanted to change something to make something funny and exciting.”

“It’s really hard mentally to stay sane, I would say, during the quarantine,” Kagan said. “You can’t hang out with your friends, you can’t go to school, you can’t do stuff that you like to do, and it was a drastic change. So to make themselves feel better and kind of motivated I think that’s why people are choosing to change something in themselves…out of boredom and as mental support.” 

Although impulsive decisions sometimes lead to unfortunate results, oftentimes they produce a pleasing result. Both Till and Kagan were happy with the way their hair turned out. Till expressed a feeling of joy that she had done so, but Kagan had some mixed feelings, with happiness outweighing the other emotions. She said, “I’m pretty much happy. The first time I dyed my hair, all of my bathroom was pink and I wasn’t really happy about it. I thought I would be really neat but it didn’t work out and [the] second time yesterday it went pretty well. It’s just some parts of my skin are dyed red right now, but it will go away. So I am really satisfied with my hair color right now.”