Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Anxiety and Procrastination Manifesting in Teens

by Riley Martin

Students are often faced with the everyday struggle of completing work that has been assigned to them during a regular school year. If students need help there are plenty of available resources for all subjects that are given by the school. Not only is there a variety of ways to receive the help needed, but there are more ways to stay accountable for doing work when being in a school setting. 

Although many teachers are doing their best to make themselves available and willing to help, for some who deal with anxiety, it is hard for them to relent in these circumstances. Sophomore Sandra Safein said, “My anxiety has fluctuated, but there is more anxiety with the load of work that one must do while trying to grasp the information and actually learning the concepts.” Another sophomore Eliza Loventhal agreed with Safein and said, “Anxiety levels in school related stuff has for sure gone up a little.” However, this sense of anxiety is not just restricted to one particular grade level. Junior Lauren Johnson said, “My anxiety levels in school are way higher because I don’t have access to the normal things I use to cope with like friends or dance.” The majority of kids ranging from all grades are getting work done by whatever means necessary, but that doesn’t seem to alter the high amount of anxiety-ridden teens. 

Procrastination has also overcome many of these students. Johnson said, “It has gotten immensely worse because I have nobody to push me to do the work and it just keeps piling up and I don’t know where to start now.” Having another common response to the subject was Loventhal, “My procrastination has definitely gotten worse. I have little-to-no motivation and I find myself only doing things to get them done and because I have to. I am not doing it because I enjoy them or want to learn.”

There are other ends of the spectrum and Safein is on it, “My procrastination has definitely improved because before I was unmotivated to do any homework or any form of studying. All my energy was drained at school and it was leaving me completely unmotivated by the time I got home. Now with online school I can plan my week better and manage my time to prevent myself from getting too stressed out. This way I have both the time and energy to learn new things on top of keeping up with school.”

Though many have become anxiety ridden while others have not, it is evident that online school has made for a balance of positives and negatives in students’ day-by-day life.