Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Las Lomas Finals Cancelled

by Brian Gewecke

Students usually fear Finals Week more than any other in the semester. However, this year, due to the quarantine, Las Lomas has cancelled its finals, relieving many students’ stress that one test may destroy their grades. Although finals’ cancellation helps many students, it especially benefits one group: Juniors. It allows them the opportunity to focus solely on their AP Tests, especially benefitting those with multiple tests. It clears up time for those still with SAT’s left to study, and gives all Juniors an opportunity to begin preparation for college applications.

“Although I don’t really have a strong opinion on the subject, I’m kind of glad that we don’t have finals. It’s nice that we only have work that week, and that we don’t have tests after the AP Tests,” said Junior Ethan Clymer. “Having finals wouldn’t help my grade in any way, and not having to take them prevents adding to stress brought on by AP Tests”. For Ethan, an AP student, avoiding finals is huge. If finals weren’t cancelled, AP students would be studying tirelessly for AP Tests, only to go right into studying for finals.

Another Junior, Ashley Cowell, isn’t surprised that the school decided to cancel finals, and is glad she has one less thing to worry about. However, “even though it gives me less things to stress about, I still have to worry about AP Tests, which will be hard. Just the fact that they’re going to be different from what we’ve been preparing for is a little stressful”. Many students like Ashley have been well prepared for their AP Tests, but still feel a little stressed due to the unfamiliar format of the tests, with several tests being different from what students have been preparing for all year.

For many students, finals’ cancellation prevents a few weeks of complete exhaustion, especially for Juniors.