Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

LL Class of 2020 and How They’ve Been Honored

by Nolan Runkle

Due to COVID-19, the school threw the previously planned graduation ceremony for the Las Lomas class of 2020 out the window. The new graduation ceremony will take place on June 3, and Las Lomas gave information on how seniors should attend, and how to get their cap and gown. In an email sent out on May 20 Principal Tiffany Benson, details the process for the new graduation ceremony.

For senior events, there was the cap and gown pick up party on May 19, and a highlight of some Seniors’ reflections on May 24. The Senior Awards ceremony is on May 26, and then the events come to a close with the Graduation ceremony on June 3.

Las Lomas sent out gift bags to seniors, filled with Las Lomas goodies and signs recognizing seniors. In these bags, seniors should have received more info on their graduation time and line up number. However, to ensure social distancing, graduation will be very different in terms of a crowd: “The county has been loosening this number of family participants, but still capping the total number of people on campus. We will update families on the total number of allowed guests on June 1st, but for planning purposes you may bring any number of guests in your car and can bring AT LEAST 2 family members to the stage area to view.”

Some Las Lomas seniors offered their thoughts on graduation. Daphne Burton says, “I really appreciate how Las Lomas is still trying really hard to make this school year special for us seniors. They have put up tons of signs to celebrate our achievements and have given me a lot of cool goodies including a balloon which I loved. My family is celebrating my graduation with a small party at my house with just my family and my grandma. They have also mentioned getting me a gift but I don’t know what it is yet.” Haven Piper stated that “Las Lomas has acknowledged me by sending me helpful emails which provide substantial information regarding cap and gown pickups and future dates. Personally I am celebrating graduation by spending time with family. I’ll probably go out to eat or do something special. Either way I am proud of what I’ve accomplished in high school.” Tristan Thomas replied, “Me and my family might be celebrating my graduation by going down to San Diego with [another] family since there’s nowhere else we could go. We were planning on going to Hawaii for my graduation, but COVID-19 is preventing us from going now.”

Seniors may have had terrible luck this year with the pandemic, but one hopes that they will still feel special after the many years they’ve endured at -school.