Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Progress Report Distribution

Progress reports are among the many changes that online learning has brought about for Las Lomas staff and students. Generally, student progress reports seek to inform parents and students of the latter’s performance compared to curriculum standards, providing information as to those courses that need improvement. . Typically, Las Lomas calculates grades at a specific point in time during the semester, generally, eight weeks after the quarter starts.But, this semester progress reports were issued last week due to the change in teaching and grading practices brought about by the pandemic.According to Principal Tiffany Benson in a announcement to parents and students on May 13, “The fourth quarter progress report period ended last week.” 

In terms of a students’ permanent record, progress report grades do not appear on students’ high school transcripts and will not be used to calculate their GPA or factor into their college applications. Instead, these reports provide an opportunity for individuals to identify areas that need improvement and can be addressed before grades are final. For instance, there may be missing assignments that can be turned in, or students can work with their teachers to develop a plan to raise their grades before the semester ends. Additionally, students may use this information on their progress reports to determine whether they may need to sign up for summer school to repeat a class. Since Las Lomas converted to online school at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Acalanes High School District decided that students’ work would be assessed as Credit (CR) or No Credit (NC) instead of the typical letter grades for second semester. Credit is assigned for work that is deemed 60% or above, while No Credit is assessed on assignments that are evaluated below a 60%. Thus, any course that earns a No Credit will appear on a students’ progress report and if it does improve to Credit, the class will need to be repeated. Grades from third quarter will be combined with fourth quarter performance to calculate the second semester grades. This grading standard differs in another way from the usual letter grades as progress reports were calculated based on performance less than 70%. In her recent announcement, Principal Benson, indicates that “if a student received no credit for any of their classes, a paper report card will be mailed home and should be arriving soon.” Also, she advises that “ students and families can access their progress report marks online on the Aeries Pass Portal.”