Magazine News Opinions Volume 69, Issue 9

How Well-Prepared Do Students Feel for Next Year?

By Stella Chapital

Graphic by Savannah West

The abrupt ending of the school year left students of all grades shocked; there is no doubt that there’s lots of worry and concern regarding our futures. Some students might feel as though they didn’t get enough exposure to the information they needed this year, and some might feel unprepared for next year. Without guidance from specifically AP teachers, AP tests were extra stressful, surely making tons of students a lot more stressed than they would’ve been.

Opportunities and times that are supposed to be significant junctures in students’ lives were also taken away. Spring sports players have mentioned not feeling prepared for their upcoming college season, and all of the seniors aren’t getting the closure they deserve for graduation.

 The same goes for students of languages, although they’ve missed a significant portion of whatever level they might be in, they are still expected to continue higher. “The only class that I have worries for next year is Japanese,” Sophomore Lindsey Portier said. “For most classes, missing a quarter of curriculum either won’t matter the next year, or is easy to catch up on. For languages, everything has to be taught in a certain order and way for it to make sense, so missing months of valuable class time will probably prove to have negative effects on all languages next year. With this as the case, it seems the only options are to cram more material into one year or leave students confused with missing information.”

As Sophomores move into Junior year, which will be the most difficult for many students, there is concern about how adjusting back to our normal school schedule will go. “I think the beginning of next year will be difficult especially because we’ll be jumping into our hardest year of high school as juniors after six months of not being at school,” Sophomore Raj Sen said.  “It’ll take time to once again get used to the school schedule.” 

As Juniors transition to Seniors and begin their final year of high school, some might feel lost and unprepared to begin, especially those going into intensive AP and Honors classes or continuing classes from previous years (languages, arts, etc,). Other Juniors aren’t worried for the academic aspect of Senior year, but are naturally nervous for college applications, and some big decisions that will be made. Junior Jamie Cruser said, “I feel just fine for next year, but of course I am really nervous for app’s and such, but I’m just excited to experience it”

“Prepared is a relative term,” Senior Taylor Glass said. “I’ve got plenty of excitement, and I’m ready to go to college; but if I’m being perfectly honest, I have no idea what I’m doing.” Leaving home and encouraging change while starting a new chapter of life is hard in itself. But at this time it’s not as simple anymore, there are more questions, more concerns, and much more reluctance.

Despite what group or grade one might be in, this pandemic is almost equally stressful for everyone. Social isolation is not easy, especially while in high school, and losing sports, prom, ball, graduation, and so many more staples of the “high school experience” is a shame. Also losing the ability to go outside, see people, family, and do so many other things can and will affect the student’s capacity to learn. Without proper teaching techniques and help whenever one needs it, learning is hard. Continuing next year is no doubt going to be equally as difficult.