Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 9

In The Eyes of Our Teachers

by Mya Rafferty

Graphic by Yiying Zhang

As we all know, online schooling has been a hassle for everyone: parents, students, and teachers. Our teachers at Las Lomas have put in hard work for their students even though it is just through our computer screens. Many teachers feel they have been successful with sending out assignments, being there for their students, and trying to make sure it is as normal as possible. Although they can not give the attention to the students who need it the most like they can in a classroom, they have done everything they can to maintain contact  and give help where their students need it. Ms.Watson, an Algebra 2 and Financial Algebra teacher said, “Students don’t show up to live sessions and don’t reach out for help the same way they would in class, and they end up working so much harder than they need to.  Asking for help is a smart thing to do and all teachers are available, willing, and want to help. e just don’t know when or what you need when we’re not in the same place unless students tell us.” 

Along with Ms.Watson, Mrs.Schwab worries about her students who do not show up or contact her, “Many students are fabulous and respond well to my communications, but some just kind of disappear. It made me worry about them. Reaching out via the online platforms, email, zoom and through phone calls and getting little or no response back is really challenging.” Even with the students who lost touch, teachers are still proud of how they adjusted to the sudden circumstances. Ms. Rigisich said “This quick and total switch to online learning was difficult for all of us.  I did not expect, and quickly learned, that the online “live” meetings would mean so much to some students.  Some people need that sense of community in order to learn.  Some students just needed human interaction and encouragement.  Some needed to feel not alone.  I was happy that the Zooms helped in this way.”, Rigisich an English 2, Honors English 3 and soon to be AP Lang teacher, “This is hard.  But students who want to learn – who want to think, consider, challenge themselves – will find ways to adjust.  We teachers are also finding ways to reach students.  If this goes on, my advice to students is ASK FOR HELP.  That’s what we are here for.  Reach out.  We know you are doing your best in these very strange times – let us help you!” Our teachers are so proud of how many of their students have been so active and have been reaching out for help and communicating with them. Ms.Miranda, who teaches Leadership, ELD, and Spanish 3 said, “I feel personally proud that I have had all my students enter my Google Classroom and I have had Zoom Meetings every week. There is only ONE student in all of my classes I haven’t heard from besides entering the Google classroom, so I’m SUPER proud of that! I’m also proud to have helped my Leadership students put together the Knights Will Persevere video, the Virtual Spirit Week, and the 10 Second Talent Show!” In such big alterations in our lives in such a small time, both teachers and students have been able to get through it and work around the difficulties.