Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 9

The Wildest of Zooms

Graphic by Savannah West

Most, if not all quarantined school days, students wake up to meet their teachers at early times via the well known platform, Zoom. The popular streaming service has brought millions of teachers and students together in order to continue learning, even in the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems to be a routine, logging into the virtual classroom alongside peers at early hours, a drag most would say. But to some, there have been rare instances where bits of fun or flat out weird have been brought into their calls. 

Freshman Madeline Abellera has come face to face with an abnormal Zoom call in her French class, describing it in an interview, “she [the teacher] let me in and I was the first one there. My profile picture was Timothee Chalamet at the time…. She thought I was a random guy and kicked me off. Zoom wouldn’t let me back in since I was kicked off, so I had to do more work. Moral of the story, don’t use Timothee Chalamet as your picture.”

Others have had more enjoyable experiences, like Sydney Ruzicka, who was on a call with her drama class, “We all read our monologues that we had made up ourselves….most of them were funny.” Another Sophomore, Isabelle Lecha, got to experience the intensity of Zoom first hand, “We watched a classmate jump out their window once. It was pretty neat.”

Zoom has clearly become a household name for thousands across the globe, and while this pandemic isn’t calming down anytime soon, we can still appreciate our abilities to connect with friends, family, and teachers. Abellera, despite her simple incident, notes, “It’s a stable platform to connect all of us.. It’s quality is great when you need it.”