Magazine News Sport Volume 69, Issue 9

Fall Sports Update: Interview School Admin

By Charlie Pentland

Graphic by Jackie Veliz

With the spring sport season being cut short, Las Lomas sports fans have begun to look ahead to next year’s fall athletics. Many students speculate that Las Lomas may not have fall sports at all. However others are more optimistic about students being able to gather on friday nights to watch their friends and classmates play football against rival schools.

One student who is a little more skeptical about being able to play fall sports is Salam Alrawi. He is currently a freshman in the class of 2023 who plays water polo, a fall sport.  He goes on to say “I’m hoping I will be able to play in the fall but I’m honestly not sure if it would be able to happen.” said Alrawi. Like Salam, many other students have shared that their best memories are made at school activities like football games or any other Las Lomas sports.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been quite unpredictable, from rising case numbers to no found effective vaccine. This all comes into account when looking forward to what school, let alone sports may look like. When asked, Athletic Director at Las Lomas Tim Kruger offered to say “ We are waiting for guidance from the CDC/County Health department on how we may be able to proceed with Fall sports.” Kruger is responsible for overseeing all aspects of an athletic program and will have a good idea what direction what the possibility of fall sports may look like.

With Contra Costa County reporting May 19th, there is optimism for many that we will still be able to get fall sports. “ I think if everything goes to plan with social distancing that I don’t understand why we can’t have fall sports.” said Cameron Malone. Cameron is also a freshman at Las Lomas and loves attending football games on fridays. “ I love going to football games and I, like I’m sure other students, would be pretty disappointed if we lost a year of that.” 

Las Lomas for sports for some is a great social experience where everyone gathers and has a good time. For others it’s an opportunity to be competitive with your teammates. A potential year loss of that would be devastating for athletics, students and staff who all enjoy either playing or watching Las Lomas athletics. Even though it is still to early to tell what the fall may look like, it’s still important to be cautious during the pandemic