Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 9

How Will Students Return Their School Supplies?

Graphic by Jackie Veliz

As of May 13, the Acalanes School District has yet to release any announcements about how students will return borrowed items like chromebooks, library books, textbooks, etc. All that can be done right now is under speculation.

Right now, there are two ways that this will most likely happen. The first and most likely option would be to wait until the next school year starts; when it is deemed safe enough for schools to reopen. This is likely because most students in the Acalanes Union High School District have at least one thing that is school property. Attempting to manage hundreds of students returning borrowed items and still keeping social distancing guidelines would be a logistical nightmare.

However, it is possible that students will still return their things by the end of the school year. The district may find an easy way to manage the amount of students coming to school to return their things. A solution could look like the process being stretched out over a long period of time, with scheduled appointments for students to come. While something along those lines is possible, it is still very unlikely. 

Waiting until school reopens again definitely seems to be the best option, but there is a problem. Most people don’t keep track of everything they own, so it would be very easy for students to lose or damage school property over the next few months. While this is a pretty insignificant issue it might cause a little frustration when the school inevitably has to replace anything that was lost.

Regardless, every possibility is complete speculation. Due to the fact that the district has not released any official statements on the matter, there is only so much that can be said.