Graphic by Yiying Zhang

The MLB season was only 2 weeks away from beginning until COVID-19 ended spring training and delayed the start of the 2020 regular season. It wasn’t much of a surprise as all other sports cancelled their seasons as well. Rob Manfred, the commissioner of the MLB, initially thought they would be able to resume in May, only one month after it was originally scheduled to start. Fast forward to the beginning of May and Manfred soon realized this was not a possibility. Things are looking bright though as the owners have agreed on a plan to start a second spring training in June with their eyes set on a July 1st opening day. However, the league would have a few changed rules though. Both the NL and AL would have DH’s for the whole season. As well as teams in the west (like the Giants or A’s) would only play teams in the west division either AL or NL.

The playoffs would be changed too from 2 wild card teams per league to 4. Making 2 Wild Card games instead of one for this year. Rosters are also expanding from 45 to 50 players per team. All this change in the season has also caused the cancelling of the World Baseball Classic in 2021. Teams are unable to play the qualifiers and therefore cannot enter the classic. Expect some baseball soon as it seems any day now we could get an official announcement as to when exactly spring training and opening day should be arriving.