Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 9

Productivity: Then vs Now

By Roxy Schneider 

Graphic by Ava Mobli

Now that we have been in quarantine for over a month, work has become harder to do. At first, students felt that they had a lot of motivation. They were on schedules and had fewer worries. Although now, students feel as though they are less productive then they were at the beginning. Junior, Kristina Mooney said, “My motivation has fallen. When there isn’t as much pressure, it’s harder to stay motivated. Plus, I think it’s harder when there isn’t any end to this in sight.”

The school-wide poll that was conducted on The Page Instagram also showed 60% of students who answered felt that they were less productive during quarantine than when they were in school. School was a way to keep students constantly doing something, and with that gone, some students have more time to get things done. 

Students felt that since there wasn’t constant pressure of school and getting good grades now that they don’t have to try as hard. Some students, even though they have felt a lack of motivation, are trying new methods to help them. Junior Hadil Djadri said, “My planner; I’ve been organizing my day when I wake up so I know when things are due. Also by using the Pomodoro timing technique to study.” 

Students have felt that AP’s were the only reason to keep them productive when it comes to schoolwork. With the AP test coming up this week and next, students are grinding to make sure they are well prepared for the test they have been studying for all school year. 

Many students have taken up new hobbies that they wouldn’t usually have the time to do during school and sports. Kristina Mooney also said, “I have been baking a lot and playing the ukulele. I also facetime my friends practically all day.” 

While in the beginning people were productive, over time the productivity decreased.