Graphic by Susan Rahimi

Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone SE, launched a couple weeks ago on April 24th. The iPhone SE is a budget option and sits next to the iPhone 11 Pro line, the iPhone 11, and the iPhone Xr. The SE starts at $399, which is $300 cheaper than the starting price of the iPhone 11. So what does the cheaper iPhone sacrifice versus the iPhone 11? The phones are actually quite similar. The iPhone 11 has a bigger “all-screen” display, while the iPhone SE sports the old, dated iPhone 8-like design. However, their displays have the same pixels per inch and the same display technology. Along with the bigger display, the iPhone 11 has a second camera enabling ultrawide shots, but the main difference is that the iPhone 11 has the stunning ‘Night Mode.’ Night Mode makes shots in the dark appear much brighter than before, but this feature is excluded from the iPhone SE. They both have the same market-leading processor, but the iPhone 11 packs an extra gigabyte of RAM, 4GB of RAM vs 3GB RAM. The SE also features wireless charging, which some of it’s cheaper rivals like the Google Pixel 3a do not have. The SE is also built with premium materials like glass and aluminum while the Pixel 3a is plastic. The iPhone SE has high end specs for a lower price but it lacks the modern design of the newer models. 

I asked some students what they thought of the new iPhone SE. Bogdan Yaremenko, a freshman at Las Lomas, said that, “The iPhone SE is well priced and it’s a good value proposition. It’s a good addition to the lineup.” Yonaton Ahituv, a freshman at Las Lomas, said, “The SE is a good budget phone. For people who can’t afford higher end devices. The SE is a godsend.” People seem to think that the SE is a good budget offering from Apple, and I would agree. For people who don’t care about design and just want a solid, good phone that isn’t too expensive, the iPhone SE fits their needs perfectly. And from early reports, it seems that the iPhone SE is selling well.