Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 9

Online College Tours

by Roxy Schneider

Graphic by Lashall Richards

Junior year is the time to narrow down what colleges you want to apply to and figure out what you possibly want to study in college. Part of figuring out what college you want to go to is by going to the campus and touring it. Touring colleges helps give you a feel of whether you fit in or not. Tours can help you to learn whether the people on campus are people like you, if the weather is exactly what you want, if they have a good sports team, or even if they have clubs that you’re interested in.  The college tours are to help you find your home for the next two-four years.

Unfortunately, all college tours this year have been postponed due to Coronavirus. So, what does this mean for the class of 2021? Online tours are the answer. 

Colleges have found a way around the Coronavirus by offering students the ability to tour their campus virtually. These tours give students a virtual walk-around of the campus without being physically there. College counselor, Anne Fuller, said “So for example, when I am talking to a student about the University of Nevada Reno, I suggest let’s look at the campus online.  I pull up their virtual website and start to take the 360 degree walking tour.  It provides a drone look at the campus and commentary.  It will quickly let the student see campus buildings, green space, cafeterias, facilities, and dorms.” Some colleges even have someone virtually talking to you and giving explanations of each place as you go along your tour. 

A few students have commented on their personal experience with virtual tours.  Junior, Alexa Kennedy, said, “While touring colleges I look for a number of things. I look at the number of students since I want to go to a smaller school. I also look at the college’s acceptance rate, location, size of classes, and dorms to help me figure out if this is somewhere I truly wanna go the next four years.” Things like these are what students are paying more attention to now that touring is out of the question. 

The hope of still being able to tour is in the air. Some students plan on touring during the Summer once quarantine is lifted. Others want to tour in the fall when the campus life is back and they can truly get a feel for the campus.