Graphic by Jackie Veliz

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7

by Connor Mackle

In 2008, an animated Star Wars show was released by Lucasfilm, written and directed by Dave Filoni: Star Wars fan and writer/director of a few Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes. This show ended after four seasons, but in 2018 at a comic convention, Filoni announced that The Clone Wars would be coming back for a seventh and final season. So, is the final season good? Well, sort of. While the episodes are mostly high in quality, the seventh season feels underwhelming. It starts off with arcs that weren’t consistent with the rest of the season, and were different in the tone. The last arcs have a sense of finality and depth to them, while these are more stale and don’t explore any deep themes like the final ones do. It sort of seems like we didn’t really need those episodes, because they don’t further our character development and they don’t help build a foundation for the last arc. If they had devoted more episodes to the final arcs, they could have explored more ideas and gone a little more in-depth. However, the last two arcs are amazing. The second-to-last arc does an amazing job of showing us a greater representation of characters we love, and steps up the graphics quality immensely with motion-capture. The final arc ties the show and our character’s stories together perfectly, and does a great job showing emotional moments, relationships between characters, and a great end overall. The ending even has these great shots of animation reminiscent of Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art. Overall, this is a great end to the series.

Did Disney Rise to the Occasion with the End of the Saga? 

by Brooke Killgore

When Disney took over Lucasfilms in 2012, many fans were thrilled to be given upcoming Star Wars productions. When they first released The Force Awakens in late 2015, many were not pleased with it’s simple plot and characters.. It seemed to pass when they announced a new film in 2017. The Last Jedi was released, stirring unease in the Star Wars community debating how the multi-billionaire company had ‘destroyed’ the fandom and created characters such as Rey with too many Mary Sue qualities. So as Disney announced the closing movie to The Skywalker Saga, the fandom grew uncertain that this movie could pull it off. The Rise of Skywalker ends the 42 year old story, but didn’t necessarily fulfill all desires placed out by fans. It’s simple ending made many wonder why Adam Driver’s character, who we had watched develop immensely, was just simply cast to the side with no second thought. Others question the motive of the closing scene and what significance it brought to the whole plot, while also bringing thought into what happened to the Resistance after the final battle. Overall, The Rise of Skywalker, though simple, gave us different amounts of satisfaction to say goodbye to the series we hold so dearly to our hearts.