Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 9

Seniors Participating in an “At Home” Senior Ball

By Riley Martin

Graphic by Christy Knudson

Senior Ball has become a major part of High School life, a point that is a staple of your final year in highschool. Some Seniors have taken it upon themselves to still make an attempt of keeping tradition alive, even though they are stuck at home. Lots of girls are doing their own hair and makeup,wearing their dresses, and meeting up with friends. All while maintaining social distance rules they have found a way to still make this a memorable experience regardless if it took place in the usual fashion.. 

One of the students is Iris McMillian said “I guess I liked it better than school Ball because we got to pick our own music, our own food, and got to participate on our own terms.” Although this event is one of the last staples of your High School career, she has managed to turn the negatively perceived situation into something that she can positively remember. 

Not all of the seniors that participated in their own Ball felt the same though. Grace Paulson is one of the few that dressed up with her boyfriend to find a way of making it a special experience.. Her luck on making it as memorable was not as good as McMillian’s. Paulson said, “Not having our own Senior Ball really sucked and I wish we did have our own. I don’t think it was as special as going to Ball by any means. All we did was get ready and take pictures. It wasn’t as special as it would have been though.” 

Both of these seniors have in common the fact that they took pictures for their “at home” occasion. Documentation was important for something like this especially for events that you look back on once you are older. In some way, shape, or form they were able to preserve their attempts to make up for a special night cancelled. Seniors deserve the chance to make up for the memorable night that they missed. Whether it upheld the expectations or not, the effort of trying will be remembered.