Entertainment Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 9

Fun Things to do Over a Shelter-In-Place Summer Break

by Caroline Johnston

Graphic by Ava Mobli

As summer grows nearer and nearer, and shelter-in-place orders fail to be lifted, many students may begin to wonder what on earth they are going to do over the summer. A lot of students are already finding themselves with an abundance of free time, even when they still have work to do for five to seven classes. The thought of spending summer vacation in quarantine is not quite appealing, but it is important that we make the best of the situation and continue to find fun things that we can do during quarantine. 

One fun activity you can do over the summer is planting a garden in your backyard or front yard. Home Depot is still open and they sell seeds, vegetable plants, and flowers that you could grow in a pot or a planter box. Vegetable gardens are especially good during quarantine because they supply food which can help limit the amount of times you have to go to the store. Another fun outdoor activity is stargazing or watching the sunset with your friends over FaceTime or while socially distanced somewhere. 

Some activities to stay active during quarantine, since most sports are cancelled and gyms are closed, include hiking, walking, running, and biking. All of these can be done while social distancing very easily. Some great places to do these activities are Shell Ridge Open Space, Inspiration Point, which is a paved trail with amazing views of Berkeley, San Francisco, and the bay, and the Iron Horse Trail. Golf courses including Boundary Oaks, which is by Northgate, have also recently reopened. 

For those who are more artistic or those who want to become more artistic, now is a great time to dive into one’s creativity and create some masterpieces. These masterpieces could include painting, drawing, sewing, upcycling clothing by dying or embroidering. One fun project I’ve seen online is people creating their own magazines with pictures of them and all of their friends and family, and then printing the magazines online and sending them to the people who were featured.  Another fun idea is making cards for your loved ones who you can not see right now, and sending them in the mail or dropping them off in their mailboxes if they live nearby. Now is also a great time to download Duolingo and learn a new language! Learning a new language is a commitment, but it is something you could work on all summer. 

Hopefully quarantine orders will begin to lift throughout the summer so that people can hang out in small groups, but if not, try some of these ideas to keep yourself entertained.