Entertainment Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 9

Little Fires Everywhere Review

by Stella Chapital

Graphic by Madison Laxamana

The Hulu original Little Fires Everywhere, an American drama series starring Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon, is named accordingly. Through the eight-episode limited series, “little fires” or rather small issues erupt everywhere, all the time, challenging the character’s relationships with one another and triggering all of the ugly sides of human nature. 

The show, based on the book written by Celeste Ng, follows the journey of two families and their quests to get over their pasts and find themselves. Along the way, a feud is created by loss, ignorance, racism, and all sorts of disagreements.

Sophomore Aya Banaja said, “Little fires Everywhere is a very interesting concept where the writer twists the story in many different unexpected directions. I love how it’s set in an older time frame and has a central idea based around race and privilege. I think the author made it clear of other’s privilege and the effect race has on situations. The story wasn’t full of good endings which I enjoyed and it also was unpredictable which made me want to watch more. Overall I really loved Little Fires Everywhere!” It also touches on homophobia, compromised mother-daughter relationships, and poverty.

The show portrays race and privilege in a very mature way, through courtrooms and blind and blatant ignorance. It also strongly points out the fact that a white privileged family, that has only been surrounded by other white privileged families their whole life, doesn’t realize the extent of their privilege, and how much internal racial profiling they partake in.

Sophomore Layla Nixon said, “It was very interesting and wasn’t predictable, all the characters were really well written and had depth, and it took everything for me not to finish it in a day.” The cliffhangers at the end of each episode and the odd, engrossing mannerisms of the characters and their offbeat decisions keep you coming back.
And although the characters in this series are not quite pleasing and far from perfect, there is something in the enthralling writing style and the unique acting that draws you to them. As for the reality of the piece, in the day and age we live in, we are not far off from the life they are living. Although it is an exaggerated, dramatized version of life in the 90s, it does take place to a certain degree, and realisticness is one of the keys to a good piece.