Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 9

Quarantine Relationships: Helped or Harmed?

by Ally Hoogs

Graphic by Ava Mobli

Student relationships with the members of their household are now under more strain as they are forced to spend all their time stuffed in their homes. This for some students, has stretched some of their connections with their families. 

Alma Snortum-Phelps, Las Lomas Freshman, mentioned light-heartedly, “I am getting a little sick of them [her parents],” but has “been able to bond more with [her] parents simply because we are spending so much time together.”

Freshman Maddie Granskog shared, “Our bonds are staying the same since we aren’t arguing they aren’t getting weaker.” However, she also noted that although they are not getting weaker, their relationships aren’t getting stronger. Maddie said, “since my dad still has work and my siblings and I do school work, it’s not like they are getting much stronger either.” 

Andrea Negrete, another Las Lomas Freshman commented, “My family members can get on my nerves every once in a while, but having more family time [and] doing things with my family that I would usually never have time for,” is strengthening their bonds. 

The amount of time offered by self-isolating is one of the main factors for Las Lomas students in bonding with their families and/or members of their household. The amount of time spent together versus apart has the power to either tear away at bonds or help them become stronger. 

Certain activities can also have an impact on whether bonds are strengthened within the household or left to deteriorate. Negrete mentioned that instead of going into her room away from her family, she is out of her room and “doing fun activities” with her family which she described as something she really enjoys. 

Some activities families can do together could be playing board games, eating together, sitting with one another, and understanding the situation can sometimes lead to arguments, which is completely normal. 

Multitudes of stress within households may be another factor in household relationships. However, home isolation does not necessarily mean being isolated from the people you are quarantined with.

The statewide lockdown is extended through the rest of May, according to California’s Governor Gavin Newsom. This leaves a lot of time for families to make a choice on whether they stay apart, or come together, in order to make the most out of the shelter-in-place.