Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 9

Quarantine Predictions Versus Reality

Graphic by Madison Laxamana

This period of lockdown has been much different than any of us could have predicted. Originally, we only expected there to be school shutdowns for two weeks; we expected to be able to see our friends, go on our spring break trips, and be back at school by April. However, the pandemic progressed and any plans we had for the next 2 months were shredded. I know that I, personally, had much different expectations for the lockdown. I expected to be bored out of my mind, watching my favorite TV shows all day and doing a few hours of homework per week. I also thought that I would be back in class by April and that I’d be able to take my permit test in May, but we can’t all be right all the time. I did end up watching obscene amounts of TV the first few weeks, but as teachers found their footings in online school, I found myself watching less and less TV and sitting at my desk doing work more often than not.

“I thought I would be a lot more productive,” said Sophomore Evan Nishi, “but I’ve been getting bored, so sometimes I get off track.” He thought that he’d mostly be programming, or playing video games, or watching YouTube but he actually mentioned a few different hobbies, “[I’ve been doing] a lot more reading and [watching more] YouTube than I thought.”

Tyler Winland, a Junior, thought he’d be watching TV, making short films and music, doing plenty of homework, and talking to his girlfriend. Now, Winland says, he’s doing what he thought he’d be doing, plus hanging out with his friends in the open space. He’s actually doing more than he thought he would, “Because at first there were a lot of unknowns, and then when it was discovered kids weren’t affected as much, I wasn’t concerned.”

Other students have also been doing what they thought they were going to do.  Junior Martin Valbuena thought he’d be working on his script, “I promised myself that’s what I would do the second I had more free time.” We are now 2 months into quarantine, and Valbuena’s working on his script and exercising as well, he reported. Valbuena mentioned that the reason he’s doing what he thought he’d be doing is because “I set specific schedules for myself every day.” 

Plenty of other students responded, and while many aren’t doing what they thought they would be, there are still those who are. But one of the main things that was shown in almost every answer was that none of us knew what we were getting into, and we can’t blame ourselves for not doing what we thought we were going to do.