Magazine Volume 70, Issue 1

Dear Readers

We are incredibly excited to be the new Editors-in-Chiefs of The Page.
After a semester of training, we were thrust into the task of leading the staff during distanced learning. But despite the obvious limitations our publica-
tion had with producing this issue from home, our staff has worked tireless-
ly since the beginning of the school year to get this physical issue to you: our readers, our skeptics, and our community as a whole. As student jour-
nalists, we publish during a time of mass protests, elections, and a global pandemic. We are a student run press. We will make mistakes, but we have
done our best to write about current events in the hopes of informing our readership properly and without political nor racial bias. The student ed-code objective for The Page is as follows: “Ed Code 48907 affirms the right of high school newspapers to publish whatever they choose, so long as the content isn’t explicitly obscene, libelous, or slanderous, and doesn’t incite students to violate any laws or school regulations.” We strive to do better, be better, and inform better, but we cannot do this without you, our readership. Please submit feedback to us, the editors-in-chief, through our letter to the editor program and/or through gmail.

We look forward to your input,

Grace Gonsalves & Susan Rahimi

Grace Gonsalves

A senior at Las Lomas High School, Grace Gonsalves has been on The Page Staff since her sophomore year when she started out as features editor, a position she enjoyed until taking over as Editor-in-Chief in the spring of 2020. She has loved growing her vision for this publication and bringing it to life, thanks to the ever-evolving journalism squad. Outside of Las Lomas, Grace is often out exploring, even in the time of COVID-19, camping, hiking, and seeking out as many new experiences as she can.

Susan Rahimi

Susan Rahimi is a senior at Las Lomas. She began writing for The Page as a timid sophomore before she was asked to be an Editor-in Chief for her final year at Las Lomas. She is very grateful journalism has given her an opportunity to step out of hiding and lead with confidence. Beyond Las Lomas, you can find her watching inspirational TedTalks, browsing through Architectural Digest magazines, and reading Harry Potter…again.