Magazine News Volume 70, Issue 1

New PVRIS Album “Use Me”

by Roxy Schneider

Graphic by Yiying Zhang

For those who are new to PVRIS like myself, here are some things to know about them. PVRIS is a rock band from Lowell, Massachusetts. Lyndsey Gunnulfsen is the lead singer, lead by the guitarist Brian Macdonald, Alex Babinski as keyboard, Brad Griffin on drums, and Kyle Anthony as percussion. 

On August 28, PVRIS released a new album called Use Me. The tone of the album is very low key and just gives you a happy vibe. My favorite song on the album is the first one which is called “Gimme a Minute.” This song just makes you feel like a badass and like you are living inside a music video.

Although they are classified as a rock band, this album sounds like more of a pop techno type of music. When you hear the band you would think more of Halsey rather than ACDC. 

Although this album has a mostly upbeat tone, some of the lyrics are more somber. For example, “Hallucinations” has an upbeat tone, but if you listen to the words, Lyndsey is talking about how she’s heartbroken and hallucinating that her significant other is still with her. 

Overall, I really enjoyed their new album and can’t wait for the next song to come out.