Magazine News Volume 70, Issue 2

Gyms and Athletic Centers Reopening – What Will It Look Like?

Contra Costa Country has now entered what’s called the “red zone”, during which gyms and fitness centers will be able to open indoors with modifications at 10% capacity.

Most gyms and other athletic centers are keeping 10% capacity by implementing a reservation system where only a set number of people can reserve a slot each hour. Some gyms, such as Diablo Rock Gym, are only allowing current members and 10-pass holders as of September 30th to climb and work out.

Gyms are asking that all members wear masks at all times, even when working out. In addition to mandating masks, Forma Gym in Walnut Creek is only making sinks and toilets in lockers available for use, rather than the lockers themselves, showers, or other facilities.

Some people believe that gyms are safe to reopen, and some do not, but most agree that they would rather work out in the comfort of their own home instead.

Alex Enkhamgalan is a sophomore at Las Lomas who normally works out in his own personal at-home gym. Even though he feels that gyms are safe now that they have many safety protocols in place, he said that, “Working out at home is honestly better because you get the air you need after working out your body,” referring to the mask mandate at gyms. He said that he would rather work out at home with no equipment than use equipment in a gym with mask requirements.

Blake Weinker, another sophomore at Las Lomas, and member at Diablo Rock Gym, also said he doesn’t feel gyms are safe enough to go to. “I think that the nature of having people in an enclosed space breathing heavily is a major breach in safety,” even with the mask mandate. Weinker also worried that somebody won’t properly clean gym equipment. “I personally would choose to work out in my house with no equipment” said Blake.