Features Magazine News Volume 70, Issue 2

LL Spirit Overcomes Covid

Graphic by Brian Yuen

COVID-19 has ruined a lot of different things for a lot of people. One of the major groups that have been hit hard is the student population. For the majority of the country, COVID-19 has forced students to stay at home, stare at screens for six or more hours a day, and prevented them from seeing their friends or family. For Las Lomas students, COVID has barred the student body from attending some of their favorite High School events. Senior Class President Addison Smutny said, “COVID-19 has prevented us from having homecoming, football games, spirit weeks, and then it puts in jeopardy any plans….”

Fortunately, the Las Lomas Leadership class has been working hard to try and reconnect the student body with each other through different types of activities, virtually and in person.. One event the Leadership class has hosted was the DysFUNctional Spirit Week. This spirit week consisted of different outfit themes every day of the week. Students would dress up, attend their Zoom classes, and take a picture of their outfit. Students could then submit their photographs for a chance to be featured on their grade level’s Instagram account. 

Social media has been a major tool for the leadership class in a year where everything is online. Each class year at Las Lomas has its own Instagram account where announcements are made. Junior Class President Keilah Wright comments, “Leadership is trying to use more social media to connect students, and class officers are working to plan virtual class bonding events.” On these Instagram pages, announcements for events and important dates for specific grades can be found. For seniors, the senior class forum allows students to submit their COVID-friendly ideas to the leadership class for future consideration. 

Although online events and social media have succeeded in bringing students together, many are still longing for in-person events where they can see and interact with their classmates. However, with social distancing guidelines and COVID risks, in-person events are even tougher to plan and hold. ASB president Campbell Zeigler mentions, “The difficulties of planning in the middle of a pandemic are really just getting participation and figuring out what is safe. Leadership is committed to abiding by the rules put in place by the state and the county, but we also want to make sure people can have fun during this incredibly odd school year.” 

These challenges and difficulties have forced the Leadership class to change and adapt. For Juniors, the class officers are currently looking to reserve an outdoor venue for prom instead of the original indoor venue. For seniors, events such as the Welcome Back Car Parade, Senior Movie Knight, and Senior Bingo Knight have allowed the class of 2021 to enjoy their final year a little more, while maintaining social distancing and safety guidelines. The Senior Class Officers are also looking for different ways to host the Senior Ball as well as the All Knighter whether it is virtual or not. 

Facing these difficulties and working hard to find solutions to the challenges, the Leadership students are still hopeful that in-person events will happen this school year. “I am really hoping that this [in person events] will be a reality soon, and I promise that the class officers and parent advisors will work as hard as possible,” Wright adds.