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“Minority of the Minority”: Senior Dani Luna’s Perspective on Donald Trump

Graphic by Jane Wilson

Breaking all stereotypes, Las Lomas senior Dani Luna is both transgender and a supporter of Donald Trump. She was excited to be featured and we had a pleasant conversation in late November about her perspective on President Donald Trump and as we talked, she spoke comfortably about her views without any interjections or interruptions.

Sitting in my friend’s living room, I called Luna on Snapchat and after usual small talk, she started describing how it feels to be a minority on campus: “I always felt like the odd one out…It feels like I’m powerless sometimes,” said Luna. We started talking about the pandemic and how online school has affected her political comfort. “Before, when we were in person, I was quiet about my political opinions. I think I started shifting from the left about a year ago, but I was silent about it…I didn’t have the courage to say anything and if we were in-person, [my political transition] would have been more productive and less toxic since online is more toxic and people tend to miscommunicate.” 

Luna described to me her perspective of Trump’s views of abortion and feminism. “I don’t have a formulated opinion on [his remarks on feminism]. As a transgender woman, I can’t reproduce…so to me I am pro-life leaning but not completely. Trump being pro life does not bother me.” 

We then ventured on to the topic of the LGBTQ+ community, and Luna described how she feels about Trump’s impact on her community in a calm but passionate voice: “I realize that the mainstream media is lying to me and painting Trump as an anti-LGBT villain when that really wasn’t the case..In my opinion, Trump is not anti LGBT…The only problem I had with him was the trans military ban. I understand why it happened in a sense, but I felt like the restrictions…were quite harsh and I hope in the future they can be eased.” 

Luna spoke the most passionately about Trump’s impacts on healthcare for transgender people, and she seemed slightly defensive and admitted to feeling that way, telling me she that she has had confrontations with Las Lomas students online about this topic: “When people ask me if I know that Trump took away my healthcare, I say ‘bruh I don’t know what you’re talking about I literally got a flu shot a few days ago.’”

Luna elaborated and said, “I did my own research on it and read a New York Times article, and a few mainstream articles that said Trump was taking away protections for transgender people in healthcare. They said that Obama Care proposed Section 1557, and that Trump is going to take that away and it protected transgenders. But I looked at the [HHS.gov website], and they never mentioned protections for gender identity or sexual orientation. I click command F on the website and literally cannot find sexual orientation.” 

She described her point of view regarding the election results and said, “I don’t have a problem with him not conceding. I think he has the right to file lawsuits since there have been accusations of voter fraud…I have come across some evidence, and some evidence has surfaced…Some of it is quite compelling to me personally, but I don’t know if that’s going to make a big impact on the presidential race…I don’t know if that’s enough to save Trump.”

I asked Luna which Trump policies she was looking forward to seeing enacted, and she said, “I thought that [stricter immigration policies] are kind of cruel…with the situation going on with the Mexican American border, but then I started understanding why people were supporting strong borders: the wall, economic and safety reasons. I believe he built 400 miles of the wall and it is one thing that caused me to shift. Now I support strong borders.” 

Answering the same question, Luna spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement and said, “With this current climate of Black Lives Matter, [Trump] still supports law and order which is something I support. Rest in peace George Floyd, but I still support the police department in a sense and Trump respects [them].”