Features Magazine News Volume 70, Issue 3

Student Trump Supporters at Las Lomas

by Ella Neve

Graphic by Emma Cypressi

As the election drew nearer, a clear line was drawn between political sides within Walnut Creek. Many people began to see protests pop up from both Biden supporters and Trump supporters. 

Merik Pohl, a Las Lomas Senior, recognizes the political differences within our community by mentioning that most people here have deomcratic views. Pohl’s parents have more deomcratic views, which later pushed Pohl to find his own answers. “My parents are Democrats and I would listen to the things they were saying and they never really made sense to me so I started doing my own research and realized I agree with Republican views a lot more than democratic ones.” Although he could not vote, Pohl said that he would’ve voted for Donald Trump if he was 18. When talking about his political party Pohl said, “I chose the Republican party because I agree with most Republican views like immigration policy, second amendment, and I think Biden will be worse for the country.” Pohl also aligns with the social beliefs of the Republican party. “I agree with pro gun views, I like how the economy has gone up with Trump in office, Trump is one of the first presidents that supports the LGBT and I like that. I support Black Lives Matter but I do not support the organization.” 

Tommy Strange, a Las Lomas Senior, also would have voted for Trump, and when asked why he aligns with the Republican party, he responded, “I align more with the Republican beliefs because they are more conservative. I don’t want to say I’m a Republican but they are the most conservative of the two parties. Especially when it comes to taxes and regulations regarding business.” Strange also states that although living in Walnut Creek has not affected his political views, it has made him “more defensive.” While also acknowledging that the Republican party is a minority within Walnut Creek, Strange began talking about his experience at a political protest in which his side was a minority. “It was alright, it was pretty small so not that much happened, but it was pretty annoying as far as the people on the other side: it was really hard to talk to them. Firstly, they are always really off topic, if you are trying to discuss something with them they always turn it around to something else and they hardly let you speak.” Although Strange said that he has not thought much about Biden’s presidency, he disagrees with “mostly policies” on the democratic side but does agree with some social, democratic beliefs.

Although Republicans may be a minority within Walnut Creek, that has not stopped many from exercising their rights to protest. Pohl has been to a few local Trump supporting protests and speaks negatively of his experiences with the counter protestors. “I went to a Trump rally where protesters came up to us and called us racist, sexist, misogynistic white people before they even listened to us talk. And a lot of what they were saying about Trump was not facts and just made up by the media. Also a lot of what they were saying was just feelings and not facts. I have facts and evidence and they don’t seem to have any of that.”