Magazine News Volume 70, Issue 3

Thank You to LL Staff

Thank you for sticking with Las Lomas students and working hard for our benefit. We recognize that there are a lot of struggles as a result of online learning, and that using the new platform, Canvas, is not easy. Yet, you have done it. For an entire semester you have persevered and helped us to persevere as well. You have led us through uncharted waters. Though Zoom is not the way any of us want to be learning or teaching, you have made that work, too. You make our lives better, our futures better. For all of this, we thank you. Thank you for working diligently when you felt unmotivated. Thank you for trying to motivate those of us who are struggling with mental health challenges. Thank you for cracking jokes and making us smile. Thank you for sacrificing weekends to plan out the next week. 

Have a restful break and we wish you the best of health. 

The Page Staff