Features Magazine News Volume 70, Issue 4

Hybrid Q&A

By Ally Hoogs

Graphic By Lizzie Flores

The AUHSD school board voted in favor of the hybrid schedule, which is set to take place when the school is able to open by state regulations. In order to prepare students for the change, Las Lomas principal Tiffany Benson has held multiple student and parent forums. These forums were designed to help LL families understand how the new semester will work. These meetings took place over Zoom on a weekly basis, scheduled between the months when families would decide whether to remain in distance learning or go into hybrid learning. Parent meetings were held in the mornings, and student forums would occur at noon on Mondays or in the evening. 

Benson commented that “The decision on whether students are going to come back for the hybrid or going to stay distance is really important,” further saying that it’s going to be “the basis for their entire second semester of school.” She wanted to make sure that families were given the opportunity to be educated about further plans, as well as the opportunity to ask questions before they make their final decision.

The Zoom sessions explained the planning process regarding county guidelines and the planning process of the master schedule; these were described by Principal Benson as the “basic ideas of the hybrid model.” After information was given, the meetings were guided through specific questions the audience had brought up. 

Associate Principal Jazmin Hernandez commented that these meetings help students “process the messages that the district sends,” since they can “contain so much information that it needs [additional] processing,” which can be supplemented by the forum. She believes that being able to hear the response from students will aid understanding and help families make informed decisions that best fit their needs.