By Roxy Schneider 

This year was a little crazy with COVID-19 in full effect. New Year’s resolutions became hard to keep up with, with everything shutting down and people’s mental health going down with it. This year, though, students want to come in stronger with their new resolutions that they can complete, even with COVID still around. Here are these students’ resolutions.

Freshman Carson Christensen said, “I want to be healthier. I chose this because I want to be the best I can be as an athlete and just eating healthier overall, improvements will cause a change in diet, and maybe more exercise.” When asked how COVID would affect his resolution, Christensen said, “My resolution could be affected by COVID because I can’t use the gyms and eat out at healthy restaurants, so I will go on runs on the trails and buy healthier foods from the store if I cannot eat out.”

Sophomore Tiernan Lynch said, “My resolution this year is to be happy and not overthink [things]. I’m improving with my resolution by hanging out with my friends and having fun. COVID affected me by not being able to see people, but now, I can take tests to be able to go out and see them. Doing this resolution will help me [because] instead of affecting people negatively, I will affect them positively.”

Junior Quincey Stewart said, “My New Year’s resolution is to be more confident with myself and express myself more freely, because I feel [like] sometimes I hold back, because I’m scared of what others will think of me. I think I will start by working on my confidence and speaking up for things I believe in. I won’t be so timid and hold back with what I think. With COVID, even though it sucks, it has helped me realize that this is a huge problem in my life, but it also prevents me from going to public places such as school. This is because I was scared to express myself, whether it was from what I would wear to what I would say.”

Senior Natalie Rodriguez, said, “I’ve never really been one for resolutions, however, after all that’s happened this year, I feel like it’s really as good a time as any to try it out. I decided that my resolution is to stop worrying so much and start enjoying the small things that a lot of people overlook. This year has been filled with extreme and catastrophic events. Everyone from families to students to employees have been affected by everything that’s happened this year. With there being so much uncertainty and so much stress, it became easy to suddenly stop caring about more trivial aspects of life – the ones that we haven’t been forced to worry about. I hope that this year, despite the unpredictability and the fear of the unknown, that I can start taking time to be content where I am and enjoy the little moments. I think this resolution will be a challenge, especially while still living through COVID, but I know it will definitely help in making the most of what we’ve been given.”