Entertainment Issue 6 Magazine

Review of Pizza Americana

By Brennan Dumesnil-Vickers

Graphic by Makenna Lee Carey

It’s difficult to open a restaurant at any time, let alone during a pandemic, but that’s exactly what Pizza Americana did. It’s a new pizza place in Walnut Creek of the “take-and-bake” variety, which means they give the customer an uncooked pizza that the customer takes home and cooks in the oven, rather than the more common practice of baking the pizza in-store. It’s located in a small building at the Palos Verdes Mall, which is at the corner of Pleasant Hill Road and Camino Verde in Walnut Creek, which is about a ten-minute drive from Las Lomas. 

I wanted to try it out, so I ordered from it a few weeks ago. The employee I talked to on the phone while I was placing my order for takeout was very friendly and calming. I get nervous talking on the phone with people I’ve known my whole life, let alone strangers, but the guy on the phone was very nice and eased my nerves, even though he didn’t know I was feeling anxious.

I didn’t know it was a take-and-bake pizza place until I got there and saw a sign on the window that said “Take ‘N’ Bake.” I wish they’d have done a better job of making that known because when I looked the place up,  I didn’t see anything indicating that it was a take-and-bake; not that I have anything against take-and-bakes, it just would’ve been nice to know.

The building it’s in is extremely small; the maximum capacity is only three people, but they don’t really need a large space considering that they only do takeout. However, the small capacity could be a problem if a lot of people are in line and will have to wait outside in the cold. A nice touch to the building is that the front door is an actual door,  like a front door that you’d see on a house, rather than the glass door with a bar instead of a handle that you see at most restaurants. This was a nice touch because it made the place feel homey and welcoming.

I ordered a cheese pizza in the largest size but the pizza itself was only all right. It’s the kind of pizza that’s only good if you’re in the mood for it. When it was hot, I couldn’t taste the cheese, but when it had cooled down, I could taste the cheese too much. One benefit was that it was extremely cheap-only ten dollars. And remember, I ordered the largest size. For that reason, if I’m short on cash but in the pizza mood, I’ll definitely head back there.

All things considered, I’d give Pizza Americana a B- because it’s good, but there are other pizzas I would rather get.