Features Issue 6 Magazine

Winter Break: Wishes and Takeaways

By Yasmeen Anwar

Graphic by Abby Halverstadt

Winter break is a time many spend with family and friends, and numerous students look forward to the holiday season to get a break from school after finals. However, many also end up feeling unfulfilled after break, and some students wish they could have spent their time in other places.

Lydia Cayer, a freshman at Las Lomas, commented, “I wish I had used the computer less and gone out for a hike or something.” She also mentioned that she didn’t do too much during break, but she was grateful for the extra sleep she had gotten. “One thing about break that was good was that I was able to sleep in a lot. I wouldn’t have been able to do this otherwise.” 

Senior Raishma Anwar expressed a similar experience, saying, “I definitely slept a lot more, which I couldn’t [do] otherwise because of school, so that was probably my favorite part.” Anwar also mentions that she had to deal with college applications and said, “Personally, I pushed my college applications off until the very end of winter break, and I kind of regret doing that. I wish I would have just done it during the beginning [of winter break] and then relaxed for the rest of the time because I came back to school sort of burnt out.”

Both women agreed that break was at least a little beneficial, and would help them during this semester. Anwar said, “[Break] definitely [helped] because I felt really burnt out at the end of the first semester and I don’t think I would have finished my college applications if it wasn’t for break.” Cayer also expressed, “I think having the break is helping a little this semester.”

Break can be beneficial, so long as you make it so. Some students will utilize this time to catch up or even get ahead on their studies, while other students will spend the time relaxing and getting time to finally unwind. Many students are waiting for spring break in only a few months.

Many studies have shown that students who get more sleep are more likely to do better in school, as sleep helps with memory retention. Catching up on sleep is something that many students use break for, and it will often help them succeed in the new semester.

Break is what you make it, but maybe don’t go to bed at 3 a.m. every night.