Issue 6 Magazine News

Are We Rushing Too Fast to Get Back to School?

By Dominic Gewecke

Graphic By Sara Valbuena

With quarantine almost entering a year now, emotions about online learning are high. Many people find online learning to be stressful and difficult, while others are fine with it, and don’t struggle with it too much. Two students have shared their opinions on this.

Students were given a poll to do at home on whether or not they would want to return to school once the county returned to the red tier. For a while after that, COVID rates got worse, which forced distance learning to stay in place, but as time goes on, the county is getting closer and closer to returning to the red tier, which will eventually lead to many students returning to school.

Henry Northern, a sophomore at Las Lomas, was asked if schools are rushing too quickly to go back into hybrid learning, he said, “Yes, I think so. It seems to me like they think we are all dying to get back, which may be true for some, but for me personally, I’m fine with waiting.” While interviewing another student, who chose to be anonymous, when asked the same question about if schools are rushing to come back, they said, “No, I don’t think they’re rushing. I think that a lot of the public schools aren’t really doing enough to try and go back to hybrid or at least give us an accurate time to when we’re going back.”

The CDC website, contained a checklist that said that if you have most of the questions checked down as yes, then you should consider returning to school. These questions were: Are you aware of your school’s plans for in-person learning? Am I comfortable with my school’s plans for reducing COVID-19? Do I feel comfortable with my school’s plans for if a staff member gets COVID-19? Am I satisfied with my school’s communication with families about the changes to the COVID-19 plan? Am I satisfied with how my school is addressing parents’ or caregivers’ questions? Do I know how to properly wear a mask and the importance of doing so? Can I wear a mask for an extended period of time? Can I stay at least 6 feet away from others in the classroom, when waiting for the school bus, and other settings? Do I have a reliable mode of transportation to and from school? Am I comfortable with my mode of transportation to and from school is reducing the risk of spreading COVID? 

Some things to know about schools are; the virus does spread in schools but schools aren’t superspreaders, school outbreaks usually come from the community, and children transmit the virus differently than adults. 

With these questions and facts in mind, this can help people make their decision, or even change them on if they should return to school for in-person learning or not. The best things to do now are waiting for more information from schools and see what they have to say in the future.