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Thirsty Thursday

By Ally Hoogs

A group of Bay Area women entrepreneurs are getting together every month in a conclave they call Thirsty Thursday. The organization, run by Jenny Schneider, meets together to talk about their journeys into starting businesses, their work-life balance, and helpful information to create an uplifting environment for female business owners. Rachel Fawkes, owner of The Catalyst Style, said, “I think women are so often asked to be in competition with each other and led to believe that there are only so many opportunities and not to share them, but I think Thirsty Thursday is the total opposite.” 

Nicole Carberry, member of the club and owner of Itty Bitty Bake Shop in Lafayette, describes the group as, “a community of women who pursue both their personal and professional goals with passion, drive and humility.” She mentioned that during meetings, they talk about their successes, failures and what they have learned. This line of communication brings to light the struggles they have endured as female business owners in the Bay Area. Carberry added that through the club’s efforts, she has learned valuable social media tactics and has come to realize that asking for help from others is never a bad thing.

Fawkes commented that they “don’t just focus on business, but our whole lives as business owners, [including] taking care of ourselves, and our companies. ” This is one of many things Fawkes loves about the club. She further explained, “Working for yourself can be isolating and being able to talk about work ideas with other women who experience similar things is inspiring and empowering, [and] led to some of my closest friendships.” 

Sharing their stories and supporting each other is one of the focal points of the all-women group. However, they also bring in guest speakers with backgrounds in marketing, finance, nutrition and wellness; lighting up different perspectives and introducing new experiences to their meetings. 

Together, these inspiring women are taking their businesses to the next level, sharing strategies and experiences to lift each other up and create a positive environment for growth. Carberry finished by saying, “I am proud to be part of a group of women who live their dreams fearlessly.”

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