Magazine Opinions Volume 70, Issue 7

CARE Week: How effective is it?

By Sofia Mantua

          CARE Week at Las Lomas is a week-long series of events intended to check in on the welfare of the students. This year it included the Feminist Club, Black Student Union, Asian Students Union, the Latines Unides Club, guest speakers and more. Last year, CARE Week included interactive activities. Due to the pandemic, students were not able to attend these events in person this year. Instead, the events were held over Zoom meetings.

          Normally, CARE week is very moving and helps all students feel accepted and heard. I feel that this year, CARE Week really didn’t have much of an impact. It was hard to inform students, and the normally hands-on, interactive events were restricted to remote Zooms. This took away from the full learning experience each event would have had. However, I believe Las Lomas did the best they could with the many restrictions that came with the pandemic. Since CARE Week heavily relies on these activities, the question is, how effective was it this year? Sophomore Lucy Flores recalls CARE Week last year but wasn’t informed of it this year. This was common among many students, who didn’t even realize CARE Week was going on. Some teachers did a good job of informing students of the events, and it was posted on the Las Lomas social media pages and by students. Other than that, it was common for students to miss the entire thing due to lack of information. 

          The pandemic definitely affected the impact intended for this week to have. Considering how much of a change this year has been and how much we’ve had to adjust, students have been pretty occupied. Although this has been stressful for us all, the staff and students did their best setting up the events with all that’s been going on.