Magazine Sport Volume 70, Issue 9

Covid’s Impact on the End of the Sports Year

By Adam Tarr

As the Las Lomas school years start to come to a close, so do the various Las Lomas sports team’s seasons. This year’s sports season has been majorly impacted by COVID-19 in every way imaginable. From the postponement of the entire season to the postponement of individual games, the season has been filled with nothing short of uncertainty and surprises.

The high school sports season in California was like one we have never seen before. The season for most teams was pushed back until at least late January because of COVID-19. The actual length of the season was also much shorter, in time, than a normal season. That’s also why there are a lot of sports that are still playing or that ended recently out of season. Sports like soccer saw a major shift in the timing of their season. “It [feels] really weird to play the season so late in the year because I’m used to playing high school soccer in the winter,” said Steffie Wong, a senior on the girls varsity soccer team. 

Many teams have dealt with the effects of COVID-19 whether it is through precautions or game postponements. If COVID-19 cases popped up within a sports team, contact tracing was one of the methods used to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to assess the COVID-19 risk of the team. “Once we identified that a player [tested positive for COVID-19], contact tracing was conducted, and it was determined that we needed to suspend the last week of the season,” said Kurt Atkins, Boys Varsity Soccer coach at Las Lomas. As we approach the end of the year, many teams have started to wrap up their season. Teams such as the boys JV and varsity boys Las Lomas soccer teams ended or completed their season. Both these teams were outstanding with the JV team ending with a record of 11-0 in comparison to the varsity team which ended at 9-1-1. There are also teams whose season is still in progress. The boys varsity basketball team still has their whole season to play in May. Other teams such as varsity baseball and girls varsity soccer are in the middle of their season. 

Although the season was short and hectic, many student-athletes would agree that they were happy to participate in their sports even if it was just for a month or two. We can expect next year to look mostly normal in comparison to this year.