Magazine Sport Volume 70, Issue 7

How Successful Has the NBA Been Amid the Pandemic?

By Brian Gewecke

As professional sports returned, it was well-known that people would reflect on how successful they were in the face of COVID-19. That is no different when it comes to the National Basketball Association, where teams that play with high levels of contact inside gyms travel to cities across the country for their games.

On the surface, it may seem like the NBA has done a poor job keeping tidy, as there have been numerous positive tests from players, and 31 games have been postponed. However, these can be looked at as examples of the NBA staying ahead. The league has given COVID tests almost daily, so they have been able to catch COVID-positive players before they start a small outbreak. The league puts players into quarantine protocols even if they themselves haven’t tested positive but have been in contact with others who have. This has allowed the league to prevent massive outbreaks among players. 

Although many games have been postponed due to too many players getting COVID-19, the NBA thought ahead and has displayed their flexibility. Before the season, the NBA only released half the schedule, all the games leading up to the All-Star break. By doing this, they’ve allowed themselves to fit the postponed games into the second half of the season.

Though not perfect, I believe the NBA has done an exceptional job keeping the season going strong without hitting walls. The league has had a few issues, as expected, but they have all been overcome. This year, the league might be the most competitive it has been since before the Warriors’ era of dominance, and several superstars returning from year-long injuries have created numerous storylines for the league to promote. As long as no dramatic changes occur, the rest of the NBA season should be very successful and exciting.